1988 to 1992 Executive Motorhome(Carpentersville, IL)

Am looking for a 1988 to 1992 (PRE-MONACO)Executive Motorhome. 34' or larger - the larger, the better. Would consider either gas or diesel. Must be a tag axle model if it's gas. Must have reasonable mileage along with ALL service/maintenance records from day one! Also must have all the original owners manuals. Am NOT looking for a 'fixer-upper'. No repaints, no damage of any kind (either accident, weather, etc), no body delamination and no 'up-dating' of the interior (it must be original). Everything MUST work as designed & intended. Of course, must be reasonably priced. PLEASE Don't contact me with any other year, vintage, style, etc. of coach....I'm ONLY interested in this particular year range & body style. Write to fluffyms@juno.com OR call 847-772-7247 Thanks